10 Factors That Influence Price Of Airline Tickets

Airline Tickets

A never-ending search while booking flight tickets is getting them at discounted or cheap prices. Booking a ticket in flight from London to USA and looking for cheap air tickets? Well, for getting cheap air tickets you must understand the factors that influence the price of air tickets. 

Let’s know the top 10 factors that influence the price of airline tickets

1. Flying distance

Go by the rule of thumb- the longer the distance the higher the ticket prices will be. Distance to be covered by a flight fly you from one place to another is an important aspect of deciding the air ticket prices. The longer distance you are going the travel, the longer you will need to stay on an airplane, and the higher you will be paying. 

Thus, we conclude airplane ticket prices are directly proportional to the distance covered. Because when one rises, rises and other and vice versa. Although distance is an essential factor used by airlines to calculate price tickets, it is not the only one. And many times you can find cheaper flight tickets for long distances than for the shorter ones. 

2. Flying season

There are three flying seasons that every destination acknowledges throughout the year. These 3 seasons are-

  • Peak season
  • Off-peak season
  • In-between or shoulder-season

One among the most important factor that is taken into consideration by airlines while deciding the air tickets prices is during which flying season the flight is scheduled to fly. Every destination around the world has a specific time frame under which it receives the most number of tourists. This period is specified as the peak season of the destination.

The time frame with a negligible number of tourists is the off-peak season. While the time frame with a balanced number of tourists comes under the in-between or shoulder season.

While deciding the prices of air tickets, airlines go with the “higher the demand, higher the price” rule. Thus, during the season of the highest demand for air tickets, the peak season, the price of air tickets touches its peaks. While the price of air tickets remains the lowest during the off-peak season. And balanced between the in-between or the shoulder season.

For example, if you are booking tickets on flights to Poland from USA. Then you will have to pay the highest to book tickets from March to May and September to November. These months constitute the peak traveling season of Poland.

3. Flying timing

Did you know the scheduled time of your flight also plays causes fluctuations in the prices of air tickets? Choose to fly off-hours and you will get good deals on flight tickets. Book a flight ticket in busy hours and pay more for traveling to the same destination. 

4. Flying class

There are different flying classes on the same airplane. These flying classes are economy class, business class, and first-class. These classes are equipped with different services. Among these, the passengers of the economy class enjoy only the basic airplane services. Thus the charges of flying in economy class are the lowest.

The business class tickets cost higher than the economy class. And the passengers flying in business class get various services like minibar, and a separate meeting area. Some airlines have also launched premium economy classes. The ticket prices of the super economy class are upper than the economy class but are less than the other two classes. The services provided in the super economy class are better than those provided in the economy class.

The most costly tickets of an airplane are sold to first-class passengers. Airlines provide the best relaxing facilities like free chauffer rides from home to airport to its first-class passengers.

5. Flying itineraries

There are three types of flying itineraries that you can choose from to fly from one place to another. These 3 are non-stop flights, direct flights, and connecting flights. Non-stop flights save a lot of time and are the fastest mode to travel from one destination to another. Thus the price of flight tickets for non-stop flights is the highest.

Connecting flights takes the most time to take you from one destination to another. And you also have to change several flights to reach your destination. Thus, connecting flight tickets are the cheapest among all three itineraries.

Also, direct flights take more time than nonstop flights, but less than connecting flights. Thus the prices of flight tickets of direct flights lays in between the prices of non-stop flights and direct flights.

6. Competition among airlines

Since there is no monopoly in the air traveling business. Airlines have to consider their competitor’s prices to stay in the market. Thus, you will never see any airline charging very little than the others for the same tickets to the same destination. 

7. Historical data

Every airline maintains historical data of every destination. If a destination is receiving huge ticket booking since last 3 years and one other one is hardly getting any tickets booked during the past 3 years. Then the airline will keep the prices higher for the most visited destination on the estimations based upon the historical data.

And for destinations receiving a minimal number of air ticket bookings from the past three years, airlines will decrease the prices of their tickets. So that air travel can boost again in that region.

8. Promotional fairs and festive sales

Airlines regularly run promotional fairs and festive sales. During this period airline provides air tickets to passengers at very affordable prices to boost the demand for ticket bookings with it. When one airline runs a fair or provides a festive sale, other airlines reduce their ticket prices to overcome the losses. And encourage more ticket bookings.

9. A new launch fare

When an airline provides its services on a new route, it sells the first few tickets at very low prices known as a launch fare. These launch fairs are a great opportunity to enjoy cheap tickets.

10. Single flight vs Codeshare

When you take a single flight booked with a single airline to take you from one destination to other, you pay less than codeshare. Under codeshare, airlines that you booked your tickets with pay money to any other airline to take you from one destination to another. To avoid codeshare, check the flight details carefully before booking air tickets.

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