What is White Label Payment Gateway? Top Companies That Provide

White Label Payment Gateway

Online business has earned a great name and people across the globe prefer to shop online. Advancement in technology has brought ease for all. Everybody tries to get benefits through a click for having all on their doorstep. As nobody has enough time to spend going out there to buy all the mini needs in markets. When you purchase something online, you have two options: cash on delivery and online payment. Most people prefer the second option. For this, payment gateways play a vital role. Being an eCommerce business owner, when you run an online business, there are certain aspects to take care of. Knowing about the white label payment gateway is among those important aspects. Here we will discuss it in detail.

Payment gateways have a major role when it comes to processing a card transaction in case of purchasing. Whenever you shop for something or you swipe the credit card, a payment gateway takes the data. Or when you buy something online, the gateway takes the card information and sends it for the sake of authorization to a payment processor for proceeding with the process. After that, the information related to transition is sent to the card’s network for processing.

It is routed to the bank that issued the credit card. This is the point where a transaction is either accepted or rejected after processing the information. After this, the response is transmitted back. It is sent back to the gateway for whatever the end result is; either it has been approved or declined. The merchant gets notified about it.

White Label Payment Gateways:

Just like the regular payment gateways, white-label payment gateways provide the same functions. But there are some prominent differences as well as advantages that are linked with white label payment gateways. As regular payment gateways provide a way for the transaction of money to the merchants, white-label does a bit different work. It allows the merchant to sell their services by labeling them as their own. They can use their own logo of the company as well. They can customize the look and make it matched according to their needs. As the merchant acquirers can be the payment gateway themselves, they don’t need to resell the payment gateways of somebody else.

Advantages of White Label Payment Gateways:

Instead of being a reseller, you can be the provider of payment gateways services for customers through customized changes. To get a more revenue stream, you can set your own margins according to your choice. When you provide this service, you can build your own brand with more benefits. You have the chance to market your products or brand by being more visible in the market. Instead of working under underscore’s restrictions, you can improve your own viability rather than making someone else prominent.

When you have your own payment gateway, you can improve the customer experience. It enhances the chances of your success. There is no need of getting yourself engaged in the maintenance of services. Security, infrastructure, and other aspects take care of things. With this, you have full control of the relationships between you and your customer. You can control the gateway technology’s services and sell as per your choice.

You can maximize the reputation of your brand because your team and you endeavor to promote the technology of payment gateway. By using a white label payment gateway, you get the chance to make the relationship with your merchant stronger. You become able to get into a powerful position. You can meet and exceed the needs of your merchants and have more feasible, sturdy, and effective dealing with them.

Companies Offering Best White Label Payment Gateway Services:

There are different companies that offer these services. But you need to know which are more effective than others and can be beneficial to a large extent.


Told by a dissertation help firm, this website aims to deliver services to various companies. There are different services provided by this such as fraud prevention, data analysis, and tools for the management systems, etc. The payment gateway is customized according to the need and requirements of the client to make the process smooth.

Pros and Cons:

White label payment gateways have their own pros and cons. AkurateCo has some advantages and disadvantages too.

  • This technology proves more beneficial as compared to others in many aspects.
  • It is more affordable than others. 
  • It is not impossible to manage the payment page with the content you want. You can adjust it accordingly. 
  • You can expand your business through this. 
  • You have limited options of customization through this. 
  • There can be a problem in case of its usage by several companies. 


PayPipes basically offers technical solutions in order to make you able to adapt the payment gateway for ease in processing. Customers can have a check on their payments without getting worried, no matter which channel is being used there. It enables financial professionals to use payment gateways services for their customers. Who has the bank and business accounts for the sake of smooth business transactions, it provides an ease to them. It lessens compliance. With its help, you can provide a more efficient experience to your customers. You also avoid the assessments for data security (on the websites) that are somehow costly.


This technology company provides the white label software as well as tools for managing the transaction. It also offers payment systems that are cloud-based. It helps in anti-money laundering or fraud compliance verification for giving benefits to those who are providers of payment services. It is beneficial for other types of payment businesses to keep things for online transactions easy for them. The professional team develops payment platforms in an efficient way for your business that gives you relief to handle further processes. It provides technical support and guides its clients for any issue that is associated with payment platforms.


White label payment gateway gives you the edge of using your own name for transactions. This way, you can make your brand more prominent and build stronger relationships with your customers.

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