Top 10 Air Travel Safety Tips

safety tips during travel in plane

Going to take direct flights to Italy from US or to any other place soon? Worried about your air travel safety? And looking for the best airline travel safety tips? Don’ worry, this article has got you covered by sharing the top 10 air travel safety tips.

Let’s know the top 10 air travel safety tips

Take nonstop flights

Instead of booking direct flights to Barcelona from US, book nonstop flights for the same. Most flight accidents get to happen at the times of takeoff, landing, climb, and descent phases of a flight. And taking nonstop flights will reduce the risk of happening to any of these prospects.

The reason behind this is that a direct or connecting flight flies and land multiple times during a journey. As these flights take stops in between. And the more time a flight will fly and land during your journey, the more risk you are taking. 

If you have a tight budget, then go with a direct flight that makes the least number of stops in between. As it will surely minimize the probable chances of risk.

Go with a big aircraft

Do you know that aircraft above 30 seats are made, tested, and if passed, certified and had to go through a very strict process? Well, this is a fact and a great reason why you should choose a bigger airplane to fly to your destination.

Also, in cases of any wrong happenings, big aircraft provide better survival chances for their passengers.

Listen to the preflight briefing carefully

If it’s your first flight, then it is a good reason for you to listen to the preflight briefing carefully. But if you are a frequent traveler who has heard it before and avoiding it, you must reconsider your decision. Yes, the starting information can be repetitive but different aircraft have different emergency exists.

And you surely don’t want to not know where the emergency exit is if any emergency arises. So, listen carefully this time as it is a matter of your safety, and compromising with it shouldn’t be your choice in any conditions.

Forbid putting heavy things in the overhead storage bin

Airplanes go through turbulences all the time and if you are a frequent traveler, you must have experienced it before as well. There is nothing wrong to put anything in your overhead storage bin. But the bin can not be able to hold the very heavy object you have filled it with during turbulence.

And if it falls off, it can cause harm to you or any of your co-passengers. Thus instead of putting things that feel heavy to take to the bin should be kept at some other place for safety.

Use the seat belt while sitting

Wearing your seat belt helps efficiently when a flight goes through turbulence. Thus, use your seat belt while sitting to stay extra protected during unforeseen turbulences.

Take the advice of flight attendants

No matter how much traveling experience you have, flight attendants take much more flights than you. And with much more flight comes much more experience. Thus, instead of unhearing things, your flight attendant requests you to do, doing them would be a better option.

The primary job of flight attendants is your safety and comfort. So, by unhearing their advice like fasten up your seatbelt you are only putting yourself at risk.

Avoid bringing hazardous materials

Although there is a proper check at the airport that ensures that none of the passengers are carrying anything hazardous. But doing it by not bringing anything hazardous is your responsibility as well. 

Carrying this like harmful gases without asking from the airline. or without packing it properly sealed container will put every passenger at a flight at risk including you as well. Thus only take these products in the airline after seal proofing them and taking permission from the airlines.

Don’t pour hot drinks by yourself

Pouring hot drinks in a constantly moving airplane is a risky task and there are high chances of you spilling drinks upon yourself. So, instead of taking charge in your hands, let a trained person do their job. And ask your flight attendant to pour you a drink of your choice. As these are trained individuals and have learned how to do everything properly in a moving airplane. 

Avoid drinking too much

Did you know that alcohol consumed on a flight hits you stronger? Yes, it does and the reason behind this is that both Denver and airplane cabins are pressurized at the same altitude. Thus any alcohol consumed during your airplane journey will hit you stronger. 

So, instead of drinking the regular quantity, you drink ensure drinking less to avoid being drunken. And stay sane for the rest of your journey as then only you can follow all the other protocols carefully.

Don’t go with your wits

If you get into an emergency condition and have to use the emergency exit, you must keep your wits to yourself. Listen to instructions provided by the airplane staff and make sure to adhere to them. Because People who do the same as said to have more survival chances than others who follow their own wits.

Some health and hygiene tips to follow on an airplane

With all the above measures, it is very important to maintain good hygiene on the plane. Getting germs is easier when you go to places like airports and airplanes with many people around you. And you must not be wanting to get sick after your flight. Thus, ensure to follow the below health measures to stay in good health.

  • Carry a 70% above alcohol-based hand sanitizer along with you on your flight. And in times you want to avoid going to the bathroom just to wash your hands, use it.
  • Avoid eating greasy or fried food on your flight and go with something light like a bowl of salad. Eating heavy food during your flight can easily cause stomach problems like diarrhea and bloating.
  • Stay distant from people with flu symptoms, as this is a disease that is caused due to contact. You can take a mask along with you and if a co-passenger with flu is sitting in your proximity, then use it to your rescue.

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