A Guide to Creating Amazing Infographic Videos

A Guide to Creating an Amazing Infographic Videos

We all would choose infographics rather than being overloaded with theoretical information. They are incredible visual tools that supply information in a precise, streamlined graphic. When combined with valuable material, infographics transform boring data into an efficient, interesting one.

However, infographics alone can fall short when the data is enormous, complex, or dull, or when you’re targeting an audience that isn’t interested and willing to read. Such instances call for something more appealing and compelling to fire things up that hits right at the bullseye: infographic videos.

So, without any further delays, we’ll give you a deep insight into infographic videos that will aid you in availing the maximum benefit of these versatile marketing and communication tools.

Let’s begin, shall we? 

What Is an Infographic Video?

An infographic video is animated audiovisual content that delivers information- normally hard data- in a visually appealing manner. It simplifies the task of making videos, especially explainer videos and hits the audience with spoonfuls of high-value information, which, after viewing for as little as 90 seconds, could boost their perception of the topic. 

We all know videos are one of the best mediums to attract an audience for any purpose. It can slice complicated information into digestible and understandable pieces while maintaining the audience’s interest level. Now, it’s not hard to do the math: both animated and infographics are great educational tools, so imagine the impact when such powerful mediums are combined!

Why Choose An Infographic Video?

Rather, why not! Infographic videos offer an array of benefits that fits perfectly in the marketing, educational, and content creation sectors. Let’s have a look at them:

  • They are more interesting: An infographic video converts your content into a multi-sensorial experience for the viewer, making it look and sound three-fold impactful and convincing. 
  • They add more depth to otherwise boring information: Let’s be honest here, stats and figures are dull. However, using an infographic video can uplift the whole message by using wonderful visuals and powerful animations, bringing simple data to life.
  • They are ideal for shrinking large data: Another great thing about infographic video is it can cut down a voluminous amount of information into small, snackable chunks. This makes it easier for the viewers to grasp the message being conveyed in the video in a much effective manner. 
  • They can target a large-scale audience: Because the videos are posted online it has a huge reach. Moreover, the conventional infographics are captivating as well as highly scrollable. An animated infographic video with an engaging beginning can rope in a range of people, especially in autoplay-enabled platforms. 
  • They are more shareable: Based on the various benefits of infographic videos, it’s no surprise that the majority will more likely share videos rather than other forms of content. The more people find your content interesting, the better outcome you can expect.  

How to Make an Infographic Video?

Infographic videos require a detailed process to be followed if you expect favorable results. So, allow us to present you with the basic steps of making an impactful infographic video.

Perform your Research

The very first step to making a successful infographic video is researching the “info” part of the content thoroughly. Make sure you have access to all the information and breakdowns you need to communicate at hand. More significantly, ensure your message is comprehensible, whether it includes hard data or a general outline of a concept. Keep in mind that be it an infographic video, tutorial, or product animation video, proper research for the information holds great importance.  

Develop a Key Message

In this step, you’re going to extract the core points of the video message and analyze the conclusion you want your audience to draw. This step is critically vital as the information collected, combined, and extracted should unify your piece. Yes, every detail matters: your video’s script, background music, aesthetic should complement the theme of your message and revolve around it. 

 Draft The Script

Once you’re done with the research and jotting down the key points, it’s time to develop the script. Here, it’s recommended to deliver the message simply, avoiding any type of complex terms or phrases and jargon unless necessary. A pro tip in this step is to use the basic rule of descriptive writing: show, not tell. Infographics are visual tools, so make sure the illustrations do the heavy-lifting for your video. 

 Choose An Infographic Maker

There are a dozen of animated infographic makers available online allowing users to design incredible videos. The drawback is that most of the platforms offer pre-made templates. This becomes a problem when you require a customized video that caters to your brand and audience which can’t be tackled with a generic template. Investing in a custom video demands more resources, but the outcome is worth it. On the other hand, the good side is these templates allow their users to design amazing infographic videos efficiently without wastage of money.

Brand Your Video Authentically

It’s of crucial importance that viewers instantly recognize the video as your brand’s. And, the best way to do this is to brand your video organically by inserting a logo and color palette into the video. Having said that, make sure to not lose track when it comes to your logo. Otherwise, it may cause your infographic video to sound promotional and sales.

Where Are Infographics Used?

Normally, the basic animated and traditional infographics are found in the following places:

  • Blog Posts that shorten research findings.
  • Social media, especially platforms dominated by visual content, like Instagram and Youtube.
  • Presentations, infographics in presentations are highly recommended to make them impactful.
  • Newsletters. They are ideal for increasing the visual interest in your emails.
  • Reports. Infographic is your ultimate solution, to sum up your large report in a digestible way. 


Short infographic videos are the key to success in this visual-orientated world. People enjoy visual content and that’s why you need to tap into their immense potential for strengthening your customer base. Always remember, a well-made infographic should boast a neat design that allows viewers to skim read. If done right, chances are viewers will remember your brand for a long time. It’s a win-win, so use this guide and draft a masterpiece! 

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