Think You Know Wardrobe Design Catalogue? Think Again

Wardrobe Design Ideas

A whole new Monday awaits us guys…We won’t waste any time, so get ready to be inspired! When it comes to furnishing your home, put your spin on things. For example, when decorating your bedroom, go outside the box and avoid the obvious options.

Ingenious Wardrobe Design

Even something as simple as a wardrobe can be designed in a variety of ways. Kindly take a peek at it.  Wardrobe design catalogs ideas are pretty appealing to us. Don’t you think so?


What to Look for in a Wardrobe

Because you are unlikely to buy a new wardrobe every couple of years, a closet is considered a long-term investment. That means you’ll have to think about which one to get, and we’re here to tell you just what to look for while making your decision: 

  • To select which product is best for you, think about how you’ll be utilizing the wardrobe. If you have many dresses, shirts, and coats, you’ll want a cabinet with hanger rods, so you don’t have to iron your shirts every time you wear them. If you need to store socks and underwear, look for models with drawers to keep everything tidy. If that’s something you’re looking for, there are even models with shoe racks.
  • The size of the closet is also crucial, especially if you are furnishing a small bedroom. Custom-made wardrobes are the ideal solution in some cases because you can measure the area and have the wardrobe built to your requirements. Alternatively, you could measure the size and begin looking for models that will fit.
  • The most common varieties of wardrobes available on the market will be discussed in the following part. This is another crucial purchasing consideration that should be made based on your demands. Freestanding models are a fantastic alternative because they are economical and design flexible. If you have many clothes and accessories and an extra room that you can turn into a wardrobe, walk-in closets are a good option. Models with sliding doors are ideal for a tiny bedroom because they don’t take up any room’s available mobility space when opened.
  • When it comes to furniture, materials are always crucial. When it comes to wardrobes, you have a wide variety of options. Solid wood wardrobes are relatively widespread and come in a variety of price ranges. MDF and particleboard are less expensive alternatives.
  • If you care about the style and coherence of your bedroom’s appearance, the finish is also crucial. Some wardrobes have a high-gloss finish (which is preferable for contemporary rooms). In contrast, others have a matte finish (which is better for traditional interiors) (blends easily with other room decors).

Availability of Wardrobes in Various Shapes and Sizes

You already know that there are many different sorts of wardrobes out there, so let’s take a look at the most prevalent ones right now:

  • Hinged-door wardrobes have hinged-door closet doors that attach to the closet with hinges. The doors may open at 90-degree angles, making accessing the contents of the cabinet a breeze. Installing racks, chests, or pockets to offer a more varied storage area for your clothing, undergarments, and accessories is also possible.
  • Freestanding wardrobes are the most common type available, and they are ideal for those who like to alter their bedroom furniture or arrangement frequently. Many individuals also want to use the storage space on top of these closets to store empty baggage bags or boxes. They are available in a variety of styles and colours, as well as a variety of materials. The doors can be set to open at a 90-degree angle or slide open. In the second scenario, we’re talking about doors with horizontal sliding doors that have metal tracks on the top and bottom front borders. They’re ideal for compact bedrooms when opening the doors at a 90-degree angle takes up many areas.
  • Walk-in wardrobes, often known as closets, are a more opulent choice for people who can afford their area dedicated to their belongings. The good thing about it is that you don’t need a large walk-in closet; if you don’t have enough space, a small one will suffice. The beauty of walk-in closets is that they represent a completely separate area that you can decorate whatever you like. People have come up with several creative storage options for this type of closet, so your ingenuity and budget are the only constraints.
  • Customized Wardrobes are made to order are created precisely for your bedroom. They are customized because they are measured to fit the area of your choosing, can be constructed from the material of your choice, in the color of your choice, and can finish up looking almost exactly as you imagined.

Wardrobe vs. Closet

The fundamental distinction between a closet and a wardrobe is found in the small details. Closets are enclosed spaces where you can store clothes as well as other stuff. You can find closets built into the walls, which means they take up no extra room and can be hidden if desired.

Wardrobes, on the other hand, are independent furniture items dedicated solely to clothing. While closets can refer to separate storage rooms, a wardrobe is never genuinely a separate room (although some use the terms interchangeably, which isn’t technically incorrect).

On the market are a variety of robe design concepts

Armoire La Grange: Armoire is another term for a wardrobe. However, it’s more commonly associated with furniture that has a rustic or retro aesthetic. We’re dealing with a rustic-style cabinet constructed of poplar and hardwood solids, as you can see. It has two adjustable shelves and six drawers to accommodate a wide range of clothing storage requirements. Overall, the wardrobe is 82″ H x 60″ W x 26″ D, with a clothing rod included.

  • Trafalgar TV-Armoire in Kingstown: The Kingstown, which is described as a TV armoire but can also be used to store clothes, is another piece with a retro appeal for people looking to buy this type of furniture. Even if the shelves aren’t adjustable in height, you can remove them to make a 41-inch TV if you want to. It features six drawers and six cubbies, and a storage shelf that runs the length of the wardrobe.
  • Master Armoire Montebello: The Montebello wardrobe, which is simple on the outside but has a lot of storage space on the inside, is another product worth looking into if you like wooden furniture. It has a total of six shelves that split the area and give eight compartments for folded clothing. This 69.25″ H x 54.25″ W x 22.5″ D armoire includes two rods for hanging belts and other wardrobe accessories.
  • Armoire Mussman: The Mussman wardrobe is a tall unit with three enormous drawers and huge cubbies with hanging hooks on the top side, designed to offer storage alternatives for individuals who want to keep their dresses and coats wrinkle-free. This pinewood wardrobe measures 72″ high, 60.25″ wide, and 20.75″ deep. Each of the three hanging rods can support a weight of up to 25 pounds.
  • Wardrobe Cabinet by Ebern Designs: We have the Ebern Designs cabinet for those who are low on space and can’t afford to look at large wardrobes since you don’t have enough room. This wardrobe, made of manufactured wood with a laminate finish, is meant to offer you various storage options, including four smaller shelves, a larger one at the top, and an apart for hanging your clothes.
  • Armoire de Greenport: The Greenport Armoire is a large piece that measures 74″ H x 59.6″ W x 21.5″ D. It’s not only a lovely wardrobe to contemplate, but it also comes with a lot of storage options. Two of the doors hide three massive shelves, while the other is a single tall door with four smaller shelves for garment storage. There are also two sliding drawers for storing socks and underwear and ample room for bedding, clothing, shoes, and even accessories.

Suggestions for Organizers

  • Deep Closet Organizer for the Nursery: Nurseries can be challenging to keep organized, significantly since newborns increase that you’ll continually replace smaller garments with larger ones. This Delta Children organizer is essentially a kit that includes a pair of storage bins, a hanging organizer, six closet dividers, and 15 hangers to help you arrange your belongings and separate your diapers from your body.
  • Vela Metal Shelf Divider (Moth Proof): Shelf dividers are another valuable tool for keeping your belongings organized, whether it’s purses or towels. You can sort things out on shelves that would otherwise feel crowded and congested, thanks to the epoxy-coated steel and non-woven polymer fabric. This way, the next time you’re getting ready to leave the house, you’ll know precisely where that lovely blue silk scarf is.

Over-the-Door Folding Hanging Organizer by Wayfarer Basics


This Wayfair Basics organizer demonstrates that you don’t necessarily need a closet or a wardrobe to keep everything organized. Its folding over-the-door design allows for quick installation while also allowing it to be hidden when not in use. Its dimensions are 3.5″ H x 2.875″ W x 17″ D, and it can hold clothes hangers.

Moth-Proof Fabric Hanging Organizer by Shields 

Hanging organizers are a student’s dream come true, especially in dorm rooms where space is premium. Don’t get me wrong: this organizer is also great for making the most of your home’s space because it folds and extends conveniently, so it’s always ready to use. It’s made of non-woven polyester. It’s composed of non-woven polyethylene and has two hangers on the top to keep it from swiveling.

Interior Design for Wardrobes

  • Construct a wall around the window: Don’t squander a complete wall when the one with the window can be used. Include the window in your design and construct your structure around it. This is also an excellent opportunity to create a window seat or a pleasant reading nook.
  • A separator for the wall: Would you please make the most of this must-have piece of furniture by giving it a new use? You can utilize the wardrobe as a wall divider between the bedroom and the en-suite bathroom or various ways.
  • Shelves and a built-in TV: Another alternative is to make your bedroom furniture look like a living room media center. That is to say; you should incorporate the TV into the design as well as open shelves. Determine the height at which the television should be mounted and proceed from there.
  • Standing in front of the bed: If you’ve opted to keep the TV out of your bedroom or move it to a different wall than the one in front of the bed, you may make creative use of the space by covering the entire wall with a large storage unit. You must ensure there is everything you are in need of.
  • Around the headboard: When you’re relaxing in bed, you don’t want to gaze at your furniture. Then utilize the wall against which the headboard is hung. Create a wardrobe that revolves around the headboard and the bed. You can leave a space above the bed for artwork to be hung.
  • Vanity built into the wall: Combining your closet with other essentials, such as vanity, is a clever way to save space in your bedroom. A series of drawers can be installed beneath the vanity, as well as a wall-mounted mirror.
  • Doors that slide open and close: Sliding doors are ideal for bedroom furniture since they take up no extra area and slide from one side to the other, revealing the storage compartments behind them. Furthermore, a large unit covering an entire wall will look beautiful if it has large sliding doors.
  • A straightforward approach: Opting for minimalist designs is one method to avoid enabling your large bedroom furniture to take over the décor. In this manner, you may control the overall ambiance and décor and establish focal points with accent items and furnishings.
  • Built-in furniture of a small size: Make the most of your bedroom’s arrangement and shape. Make use of every aspect that you can find. For instance, this built-in closet fits neatly in the room’s corner and provides adequate storage without taking up too much space.
  • Open design with a glass partition: A glass divider can be used to conceal your wardrobe or closet. This bedroom, for instance, has a unique design. Only a portion of the wall is made of glass, so it’s a semi-open space. It also does not cross the room from one side to the other.
  • Extra-long and wide: Did you know that furniture that runs from wall to wall makes space appear more prominent? As a result, take this in mind when selecting furnishings for your bedroom. An extra-wide dresser can provide plenty of storage while also giving the room a more open feel.
  • Design with a boutique feel: Are you a sceptic of mainstream designs? Forget about those dingy closets and modular wardrobes, and make your own. A boutique-style design with rods, shelves, and drawers can be just what you need.
  • Inside the bed, there is storage: Perhaps you don’t require a large closet with numerous storage sections, or maybe you need some additional storage space. A bed with built-in storage is an excellent option in either instance. These extra compartments can be used for blankets, pillows, and clothing.
  • Vertical storage: Don’t have enough space in your bedroom? There is no need to be concerned. Any difficulty can always be solved cleverly. Take a look at these pull-out shoe shelves, for example. They’ll fit in your wall unit and are great for organizing and keeping your vast collection.


The wardrobe design ideas are pretty appealing to us. To select which product is best for you, think about how you’ll be utilizing the wardrobe. If you have many dresses, shirts, and coats, you’ll want a cabinet with hanger rods, so you don’t have to iron your shirts every time you wear them. The most common varieties of wardrobe designs are available in the market. This is another crucial purchasing consideration that should be made based on your demands. Freestanding models are a fantastic alternative because they are economical and design flexible.

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