Five Reasons Why to Choose FirmsData Virtual Data Room for M&A Transactions


When you are about to start a deal with another party and you don’t have sufficient space to perform such a deal with perfect arrangements then what to do? The simple answer to this particular is to have your own VDR. If it is for some particular field like M&A then you have to choose according to the requirement and it’s better called VDR for M&A.

Choosing a Virtual data room for M&A is the most important step for a secure and successful M&A deal. The choice of reasonable providers for the various infrastructure prerequisites is vital to the success of an M&A deal. The electronic virtual data room to a great extent taken over from the physical data room. The decision of an M&A virtual data room provider can make or break the deal. While choosing the VDR for M&A transactions, you need to check some of the features such as:

  • Security;
  • Cost;
  • Administration levels;
  • Notoriety and solidness;
  • Dependability and straightforwardness.

The above features are provided by various M&A VDR providers. Likewise, the various foreign originated virtual data rooms, the Indian originated FIRMSDATA provides the above as well as some additional features with great services to its customers or clients. Let’s have a look at its features that makes the best out of every VDR for M&A transactions.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room for M&A Transactions Provides Secure and Compliant Services

While choosing the VDR for M&A transactions, you need to be very well aware of the security provided to your documents in the data room.

FIRMSDATA provides you with third-party security certificates (such as ISO 27001, SSAE 16, and ISAE 3402); insurance set up in case of a breach, and a second server that can consequently activate and be up to date if your VDR’s main server gets down.

How the document protection functions and what are the diverse access levels you can set up are significant, however, we’re speaking now about system security. You don’t have to dive deep and be a nerd yet simply ensure you pose the correct inquiries.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room for M&A Transactions Provides Additional Features with No Extra Cost

Some of the additional features provided by the FIRMSDATA VDR for M&A transactions are:

  • You can watermark your document and personalize it according to your requirements.
  • Bulk-upload and download files.
  • Check on the activities of the clients & other members.
  • Multiple people access.
  • Insert and NDA proviso for the security check.
  • Proper communication between members.
  • Project archiving for late use.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But when it comes to virtual data room providers for M&A or any VDRs there are free features to be found. Make sure you ask for them.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room for M&A Transactions Provides 24/7/365 Availability

While choosing the right VDR for M&A transactions, ensure yourself about its availability to assist you 24/7. Make sure that you are provided with a dedicated data room coordinator to help manage your VDR.

We’re not discussing a client care rep called Gary who happened to be the first to get the workplace telephone. We’re discussing somebody who knows your deal and VDR back to front. FIRMSDATA virtual data room provides you 24/7/365 proper customer service and assistance globally.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room for M&A Transactions Provides Multiple Parties Access

Before finalizing the VDR for M&A transactions, make sure about the number of parties that can be added for the room assessment. FIMSDATA virtual data room provides you with the administrator to manage the data room properly and help you give multiple accesses to the various individuals. Adding more people to your VDR can incur additional costs. Don’t forget to ask how much they charge for additional access or if it’s included.

FirmsData Helps You Set Different Levels of Access according To the Individual’s Role in the Data Room

Good VDR for M&A transactions ought to permit you to do this as FirmsData does, while likewise letting you control who can print or copy documents from the data room onto a USB.

FirmsData virtual data room provides you with the option to allow distinctive access levels, even to clients from a similar organization, which is a key during any M&A exchange. Also, you ought to have the option to set them up quickly & easily. Some VDR software providers charge extra for additional access so keep this in mind to ask the provider before confirming it for your business.

Take Away

Hence, it can be very well understood that to make any deal successful you need to have an efficient and secure virtual data room. FirmsData proves to be one of the best virtual data rooms (VDR) for M&A transactions in India as its services make the due diligence process easy which is the most important factor in M&A transactions.

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