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If you are a nature lover, you can check this place as it offers the most beautiful site. Agonda is a village in Canacona in South Goa District. And it is famous for the beach. It catches tourist attractions primarily because of the food that stands on the cliff that faces the beach.  It is an endless beach which stretches around two miles.


Palolem Beach is located in Canacona in Southern Goa, India.  During the winter season that is between November and March, it attracts many international tourists.  This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the city or at least it used to be before commercialization happened here.  Nonetheless it has a lot of currency and no rough tides. You can easily walk 100 meters into the sea and enjoy the feeling of moving water running through your feet, you can also get ayurveda massage while you are there.  It is one of the best beaches in Asia.


   One of the prominent places to see in Goa, it is an important place for catholics and the incorrupt body of saint francis is kept here this church was made in 1605 and is one of the best examples of bbq style of architecture in the country.  It is located in Konkan region of India.  It attracts the tourists by its aesthetic view and it is also a pilgrimage centre.


     Fort Aguada is a heritage from the portuguese this fort faces the arabian sea and was basically made to provide defense against dutch and marathas  at present it stands as a landmark that divides the cinquirium beach and the candlelight beach.  It is constructed along with the lighthouse.  This fort was constructed in 1612.  The lighthouse was constructed in 1864.


    Se Cathedral is one of the largest churches in Asia and it took around 80 years to get this church fully constructed.  This church is located in Olgoa and had 14 altars inside the wick each being very beautifully carved.  Se Cathedral is also known as Se Catedral De Santa Catarina.  It was built for the victory of the Portuguese.  The largest church in Goa is Se Cathedral.


     Old Goa is the capital of Goa. It today is home to beautiful churches and convents that are well maintained and worth the visit. Other than sea cathedral and basilica of palm juices you should also visit saint augustine tower and mount mary church.  Old Goa is located on the southern bank of the Mandovi River.


     Baga Beach is a town which is located by the seaside in Bardez at Goa.  It is one of the popular beaches and it is the destination of tourists at North Goa.  On a Goa trip, if you haven’t been to baga beach you haven’t been to goa located in north korea this place has a jack line of motor boats and paragliders during the day and when you’re done with the sun night is the time when the beach virtually comes alive from great party options to amazing music baba is a party heaven for every night.


     Anjuma market is the biggest local market.  It is active throughout summer and winter and it is closed during monsoon season.  Anjuna market people associate the name of anjana with its file nightlife and train scenes but this is just one aspect. It has a very famous weekly Wednesday flea market which is an ideal place for all shopping lovers.  Hippies from all around the world sell their belongings to fund their stay. 


     Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in northeastern Goa.  Good news for all nature lovers: spot different species of animals and enjoy nature’s beauty only at bundler wildlife sanctuary spot animals like sambar gore wild boar amongst other animals elephants have also been spotted here.  It is the only zoo in Goa, so many tourists used to visit the sanctuary.


     Calangute Beach is said to be the Queen of the Beaches. This beach is among the top 10 beaches to see in the world with lots of options to choose from. This place is something you cannot afford to miss info.  Calangute is one of the towns in North Goa District.  The tourist season is peak during summer(May) and during the Christmas and New year seasons.  During monsoon season, the sea will be rough so swimming is prohibited(June to September)

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